The school session will be from April to March . Session will be completed in three terms for Nursery to 5th Classes and in two terms for 6th to +2 Classes.

  • Classes:- Nursery to 5th

             1st Term :   April to June
             2nd Term : August to October
             3rd Term :  November to March

  • Classes:- 6th to +2
             1st Term :   April to September
             2nd Term : October to March

Summer Break will be of 7 weeks (10 June to 25 July)
Winter Break will be of oe
Week (December / January)
Visiting hours for Parents / Guardians
Director Academic 9:00 am to 11:00 am
School Office 9:00 am to 12:00 am
Parents are not permitted to meet the children and teachers during school hours. In case of urgency they can meet Director academic.


Ideal of Mamta Niketan
An independent personality in times when independence and women seemed two contradicting words. The lady of principles, who stood through the times like a tree in a strom, bending and flexing...
Director Message
We commit meaningful education of prime importance.Real education is what ultimately remained after one has forgotten all that one has learnt in school and colleges...
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