Mamta Niketan is a community alive with intellectual, Culture, Athletic, Social activities, You’ll grow & learn more than you ever imagined. There is so much here: all kind of people, music art & ideas. You can chose from one of the many activities like Music, Choreography, Photography, Social Awareness & Workshops of different events. You’ll be a part of the tradition & part of the future when you take part in CBSE games or in annual sports meet of school.

There is a well – organized inter school sports programme. Games & tournaments with neighboring schools, club teams & with schools in Northern region are regular feacures of the school year. You’ll be able to compete at National levels in various disciplines. You time will be spent immersed in an environment that fosters leadership, teamwork, creativity & communication. And when you are finished you’ll leave from here more confident, more determent, more successful than you though possible, and maybe with the most prestigious awards of your life “The Sports man of the year & the year & the Manorite of the year”



Ideal of Mamta Niketan
An independent personality in times when independence and women seemed two contradicting words. The lady of principles, who stood through the times like a tree in a strom, bending and flexing...
Director Message
We commit meaningful education of prime importance.Real education is what ultimately remained after one has forgotten all that one has learnt in school and colleges...
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